OSUN 2018: ‘Thursday’s Votes Can’t Be Bought’ – APC

The All Progressives Congress in the state of Osun has reliably learnt that the Adeleke family ‘is boasting that it will spend the last Kobo of the family’s fortune to win the rerun election on Thursday.

‘That’s because they know that the PDP candidate, Sen Ademola Adeleke can’t win on the popular votes. First, he is the least educated and qualified candidate Osun has ever raised in its history of the political contest.
‘The fraud that brought him to this lever (manipulation of card readers and purchase PVC of ill-informed voters) that we are now discussing him as a potential governor, marks us as essentially an illiterate and backward democracy.

‘Such a person should not have qualified to be taken as ‘O’YES Cadet.
‘The PDP and Adeleke family would be disappointed on Thursday.
‘That vote can’t be bought, and would not be bought.
‘Even if, as we hear, SDP’s Iyiola Omisore colludes with the PDP, it will come to nought.

‘Healthy dogs from good homes will not go back to their vomit. Only wretched and strayed dogs go back to their vomit. Those who go back to their vomit are the wretched of this world – intellectually and morally.

‘The PDP insists on going to court and contesting the rerun election at the same time. That is an evidence of desperation. If they have confidence they could win, they have no business to be in court at this stage.

‘The people of Osun will decide on Thursday in closely monitored and protected votes where the likes of moneybags and fraudsters will be neutralized’, the APC concluded.