Toolz, Tunde Demuren Celebrate Second Year Wedding Anniversary

It’s been two years since OAP Tolu Oniru better known as Toolz walked down the aisle with her sweetheart, Tunde Demuren and the duo have celebrated their big day in their own special way.

The excited couple took to their IG pages to say short and sweet words to show that they are still in marital bliss.

Tunde said, “2 years later.. the feelings of joy and Love have increased!!!! Thank you for being you for me and I look forward to the next 98years with you!! Love you Eternally!!”

While Toolz said, “2 down 98 years to go!!!! Happy 2nd Anniversary to us @captdemuren ❤❤❤❤ No long talk necessary…
Love you like Trump loves Putin/Twitter!!!”

They have just spent 2 years out of their century plan together and they are showing that they still have the same love and affection for each other.