How Aishat Abimbola Spent Her Last Days

Popular Nollywood Actress,  Aisha Abimbola better known as Omoge Campus who passed on in Canada last week, and as a Canadian citizen, she has since been buried according to Islamic rites.

The late mother of her two passed away after battling with Cancer for two 2 years.

Meanwhile, Aisha had been battling with the dreaded disease for the past two years which is unknown to many because the late Aisha was a very private person, she kept it to herself.

In 2016, the late actress went to Maryland in the U.S.A, for a surgery, and she started managing the ailment, going for necessary treatment when required.

But at a point she discovered the cancer was already spreading around her body and at this point, the best she could do was to still keep managing it, and as well plan properly for the future of her 2 beautiful kids.

On Dec 9th, 2017, the late actress relocated to Canada with her lovely kids. While still undergoing treatment, she lived her life as if there was nothing happening to her. She even celebrated her birthday on 19th Dec. 2017 in Canada. The major thing she focused on was her kids.

She made proper arrangements for their safety, needs, both financial and educational. Then she spent her last days with her kids, making them happy while still there. After two years of battling with the disease, she eventually gave up on the 15th of May. She died in Rouge Valley Centenary Hospital in Toronto, Ontario.

The movie industry is yet to recover from the rude shock of her death. Many of the Nollywood stars have taken to their Instagram and Facebook, to express how they feel about her death.

She’s been described by many as though a very private person, but a friendly, nice, and no-nonsense lady.

Source: City People