Actor Boy Alinco Shares Last Moment With Aisha Abimbola ‘Omoge Campus’

The last has not been heard about the final moment of star actress, Aisha Abimbola who shot into fame in the movie, Omoge Campus before she passed on in Canada last night.

Aisha, according to one of her colleagues, Bayo Bankole, the famous Boy Alinco in Nigeria’s longest-running sitcom, Papa Ajasco has revealed the late mother of two actually contracted him to anchor the 50th birthday of her sister-in-law, Queen Akiotu in Dallas with the expectations that she would be at the party too.

While Bayo Bankole was at the party as planned, Aisha did not show, she did not come.

Bankole in a chat with FlipTV said he waited in vain for her arrival. While he was still worried that she did not come or call to show appreciation, he woke up to receive the news that Aisha has died.

He was surprised that all the while they were talking, she was on her sick bed.
Bankole recalled the last moment.