Sweet! Van Vicker Marks 14th Wedding Anniversary With Wife

Ghanaian actor Van Vicker and his wife, Adjoa celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary In The Most Beautiful Way.

Sharing multiple collages, mostly unauthorized copies of his wife’s old pictures on his Instagram timeline yesterday, October 16 2017, the actor says;

“Final post, assuredly. Lol
23/14 years ago I found my wife simpatico in every respect. Time, space, maturity etc changed that but we have been uncompromising with the number of kids we wanted, three.
Singing, ‘We started off as 2 now we’re 5’ (my version of ‘started from the bottom now we’re here’. You are considered to be nexus but I am still head of the house. With that concept the kids are sometimes betwixt and between but you know where they gravitate eventually, lol.

It is an indisputable fact that you are a loving and remarkable wife. Envious by all my very few friends (y’all can not disagree o, it’s my anniversary, when yours is up write whatever I will agree to it, lol). I love you and we thank God for yet another year.”

According to the star actor, it has been an absolute delight to watch his sweetheart’s “face and body metamorphose…”
Van and Adjoa are blessed with three kids together, a desire the actor says he and his wife have always had.

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